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Powerful Termite Control

Guard Your Home or Business Against Termites

Of all the insects that inhabit residential and commercial properties, termites are one of the most destructive ones. Instead of getting into your food the way ants do, termites eat your property. The wood from which your home or business is built is a feast for the termites.

To catch termites before they have done thousands of dollars in damage, keep an eye open for the following signs of termite infestation:
  • Discarded wings
  • Mud tubes leading from the ground up into your walls or foundation
  • Cracked or bubbling paint
  • Soft or hollow wood
If you suspect termites have moved in, call Echo Pest Control today for a FREE estimate. You can reach us at 402-884-7410.

Effective Treatments From Experienced Professionals

At Echo Pest Control, we have over 20 years of experience in the termite control industry. Our licensed, insured technicians are fully equipped to evaluate the condition, configuration and environment of your home or business. Once we understand the problem, we can employ proven solutions to eliminate termites and their colonies. Our treatments last multiple years.
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