signs of termites

termite damage

Signs of Termites

Often termite damage goes unnoticed until it is too late. In fact, termites are generally found feeding on your home hidden from view. The most common signs of termites are their sawdust-like droppings (called “frass”), discarded wings, or mud tubes leading from the ground up the side of the foundation. Other visible signs on the home may include cracked or bubbling paint, and wood construction that sounds hollow when tapped. Waiting for termite damage to manifest itself can be very costly to the homeowner. Because homeowners insurance does not typically cover termite damage, it is imperative to receive an annual inspection by a licensed inspector you can trust.

What we can do to protect you!

Echo offers a variety of advanced treatment methods to control and eliminate termite colonies in and around your home. To help determine which treatment method is right for you, Echo will take into account features such as your home's construction, configuration, and environment. Rest-assured your Echo professional will prescribe the options best-suited for your home, family, and lifestyle.